Comptron provides a fully integrated system designed by people who have been dealers themselves and have been involved in the business for over 25 years.
John Stephens

I have returned to the scene of the original crime, my hometown of Sierra Vista, AZ.  It's just my brother and I and wouldn't you know, we're working for the same company.  My 3 kids are in Phoenix & San Diego.  I've been at Comptron for going on 11 years . I co-ordinate & administer the Product Source Code and Product Releases. I'm a programmer and perform maintenance of the software in many areas, mostly in Parts & Service. Every now & then I stray into F&I, Forms printing and the Report Generator.

  • Favorite Foods:  Steak
  • Ford, Chevy, or Mopar  Chevy
  • Favorite Song:  I am, said I....
  • Favorite Animal:  Dog
  • Favorite Activity:  Project Development
  • Favorite Car of All Time:  1964 Malibu, 260 HP 283, 4-on-the-floor.
  • Favorite Used Car:  My Silverado truck 
  • Country You'd Most Like to Visit: France, maybe Russia
  • What If You Had a Week to Yourself: I do, every week I chose to do what I want.
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