Comptron provides a fully integrated system designed by people who have been dealers themselves and have been involved in the business for over 25 years.
Elisabeth (Lis) Yarbrough
General Manager
I became acquainted with "Comptron" in 1983 before it was "Comptron" and had the privilege of working closely in development with the founder Noel Yarbrough. I enjoy all the different aspects of Comptron, however my greatest joy comes from helping our customers and playing with the children.
  • Favorite Foods: German Cheese Spatzle, Wienerle with German potato salad and most Mexican food.
  • Favorite College Team: Arizona Basketball
  • Pro: Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Sr. & Jr.  
  • Favorite Song: John Phillips Sousa's Instrumental "Stars & Strips Forever"
  • Favorite Animal: Dachshunds and Parrots
  • Favorite Activity: I Totally enjoy: Being in a golf gallery watching my Nephews or Tiger Woods, Playing Tennis, Hiking, Snorkeling
  • Favorite Car of all time: My 67 VW Bug
  • Favorite New Car: The Smart Car
  • Country You'd Most Like to Visit: Victoria Canada, Germany Bavaria, Australia
  • What If You Had a Week to Yourself: Go to the Masters and see Tiger Woods play and win, Spend two days at the Australian Open watching all I could see, Snorkel on the Australian reef, Hike in the German Alps and see Alpenrosen, Paint the walls in the house different colors fairly often
  • Additional Thoughts: Working at Comptron and meeting fellow workers as well as customers has been an absolute blast!
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