With Comptron's Service Tools, like every area of your dealership, you can have a level of control that makes it an asset, not a liability.

What do our customers say about our Service Tools?

"Comptron helped me become more knowledgeable about my service department and has given me the tools I need to ensure I'm receiving every dollar available in my store."

Ralph Lewis
Tulare Honda
Fresno, CA
(Former Member, Honda Dealer Council Program)

Comptron will make you money!

Comptron's Service Tools allow your service department to be a significant source of revenue.
Comptron Will Help You Make More Money In Your Service Department!
In many dealerships the service department is a liability, not a profit center, because most owners do not have the tools or time to gather all the information needed to manage it properly, there are just too many questions left unanswered such as....
  • Which service jobs are pending parts?
  • What is the best way to pay technicians, salary, commission or both?
  • Who are your most productive technicians?
  • Are any of your technicians overpaid?
  • Can the service department handle more work?
  • What percentage of available hours are being used?
  • How can more work be created?
  • How can scheduling be improved?
How can you find the time to get all of this under control? Comptron can help...
Since our Service Tools are integrated and information is shared among all areas of your dealership, you gain valuable control over your service department. With these tools you'll reap the following benefits:
  • Monitor parts flowing between your Parts and Service departments accurately
  • Reduce the number of parts installed but not charged to a repair order
  • Eliminate math and paperwork errors on repair orders
  • Eliminate Warranty and Insurance claim nightmares
Let Comptron handle all of these tasks automatically.
With our Service Tools you'll have near-instant access to every piece of information you could possibly need to be completely effective in managing this crucial department in your dealership. These tools include the following features:
  • Repair orders containing complete customer and vehicle information
  • Detailed work status
  • Line-by-line pricing
  • Applicable taxes
  • Technician's specific observations and recommendations
  • Pre-printed or custom disclaimers
  • Kit building
  • Work codes and flat rates in memory
  • Years of Repair order history
Your customers are better served, your technicians are more fairly compensated and your parts flow is tracked more accurately.

With the Comptron Service Tools, you'll realize more profit with less effort.
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