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Comptron is the finest Dealership Management System available today. But, don't just take our word for it, read what some of our friends have to say!
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Mickey Hunt
Plano, TX
"The Comptron system is the best investment this shop has ever made. After thirteen years of slow but steady growth, the past two years' growth has been phenomenal. Since putting in the Comptron system,Parts sales have more than doubled to over $100,000 per month average and profits are up. I'm very pleased with the system and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their productivity"

Ralph Lewis
Tulare Honda
Fresno, CA
(Former Member, Honda Dealer Council Program)
"I know Comptron has helped me become more knowledgeable about my service department and has given me a tool to ensure I'm receiving every dollar available in my store"
Jim Martin
Martin Motors
Fitzgerald, GA
"Comptron has been a lifesaver for my business. I have gained a lot of confidence about working with computers since I began with Comptron in June 1996. My business functioned the old-fashioned way - with paper, pens, ledger books, etc. Manpower and paperwork took up most of my time, especially after working hours. Gayland and Mark came to Georgia and spent several days setting up my system and training me and my staff on how to use it. I was computer illiterate before then. They were so helpful and patient with me through my training process. Since working with Comptron, I have found the programs to be very easy to use. anytime I need help, their staff always provides the friendly dealer support that I need. The staff are knowledgeable of their programs and they don't hesitate to answer any questions I may have or lend any helpful tips to me. I have really enjoyed using Comptron's programs and their system. It has already proven to be very beneficial for my business. My life seems to be less stressful as well. I highly recommend Comptron."
Judy Peoples
Longmont, CO
"I wanted to send you a note regarding the FABULOUS customer support we have received from the employees at Comptron Data over the years."

"We recently attended our winter 20-Club meeting and discovered how troubled our dealer friends are that have a Light Speed System. Apparently, since Light Speed has been taken over by Bell & Howell, they have had a very difficult time in getting the support they need when they have a problem."

"You know, people always seem to think the "grass is greener on the other side," and honestly, there have been times that Bill and I have thought that too! However, after listening to people that have Light Speed Systems talk about the problems they are having with getting phone calls returned and changes made in the programming, we know we have made the right choice."

"Your biggest plus is your closely run company with friendly people that take our concerns to heart. It seems as if we are ALWAYS getting updates with program changes that make it better for us, your dealers."

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